Here at the Windsor School Sport Partnership we run sporting events. These events run as competitive competitions and recreation competitions where we encourage participation as our main goal. Our competitive competitions however, allow your school to compete with others and may even have the chance to feature at the Berkshire School Games and represent Windsor. This page shows some recent results and upcoming events. If you would like more information please don't hesitate to contact our team or stay updated on Instagram @windsorssp.

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Upcoming Events

2022 - Coming Soon!


The Virtual Berkshire School Games is currently underway.

Event 1 - Fitness Frenzy

4th January - 22nd January 2021

Each event has a 3-week window of opportunity for school to take part. This is provides a school with the flexibility to deliver the event when it best suits their own planning and school environment e.g. a school could decide to deliver the event in one week, across 2 weeks or across all 3 weeks or even just deliver it in a couple of days.

All activities can be found here:

On the Berkshire schools website resources are provided:

- Activity Card/Task Guidance 

- Challenge Videos

- School Score Sheet

- E-certificate Virtual School Games Value Certificates

The Rewards:

- All Participants will receive an e-certificate for every event they take part in.

- Gold, Silver, Bronze e-certificate awards will be given for each event in each age category 

- Spirit of the Games e-certificate Awards will be awarded to school who have large number of participants

- School Games Values e-certiciates for schools to reward individual pupils and classes