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Our Leadership Programme offers all students a chance to improve and develop their life skills, while working in a healthy and active environment. Starting with children in KS2, all the way up to sixth form, we allow students to take the lead within a controlled environment. This will help them understand what qualities they already have and give them an opportunity to develop others.

Students in Years 4-6 receive an introduction on how to lead a session or a game, with the expectation that they will start taking a central role in their school and in the playground, creating or organising games.

Years 7-11 are offered the chance to assist in the delivery of After School Clubs and start assuming a more central role in each session. They are guided through a process of learning what personal traits are required. They will play a vital part in the delivery of our inter-school events.

6th form students are those who have proven to be interested in coaching, leadership and organisation. They will lead competitions for the younger age groups and act as positive role models for the younger leaders.

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