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We are proud to support our partner schools with our exclusive wellbeing programmes.

These programmes help shape young minds, by practicing tools and techniques, so students can begin to understand how they can  take care of their overall wellbeing.

We look at a range of relevant and timeless skills that we all need, no matter who we are or where we are from. 

 We teach these skills in a focused environment for children whether that be in a classroom setting or out on the playground, with the approach to always keep sessions active and mindful. 

We provide a fun, activity based and safe environment for children to learn in.  Learning about health and wellbeing tools at a young age sets students up to follow a more healthier, kinder and well balanced approach with life. 

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ActiveMe is our excusive lifestyle programmes that helps teach students on ways to lead healthy and active lifestyles. The school-based course is run for a term at a time and uses physical activity, problem solving and games to educate children about about physical, mental, social and emotional health. Examples include -  how we can achieve 60 active minutes a day, food, nutrition, building resilience,  healthy relationships + more. 

The programme is run on a weekly basis – before, during or after school - in order to create consistency for the children attending. The aim is to start conversations with children of all ages regarding what is healthy and unhealthy, what an active lifestyle looks like to them, and what changes they can make to be healthier.


Our ActiveMe sessions are open and suitable to all students in KS1 and KS2, and are delivered in small group settings, so students get more 1:1 support.  

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 Our Healthy Minds programmes offers the chance for students to start talking about mental health and wellbeing from a young age. Something as grown ups we now know how important and key this is for young people to understand. 


The programme will be delivered during school time and last for 6 weeks. We will begin by helping students understand that we all have a mental health, and how we need to take care of it.


This leads onto giving tools to students on how they can talk about it at school, at home or with our friends. This will be a chance to start thinking about what we can do if we are struggling with our mental health, or how we can help those around us. It is a unique chance for children to talk about their emotions, how their feelings change and how our mental health can affect our everyday life and wellbeing.

The lessons will be tailored to different ages, bearing in mind the different stages of personal and emotional development of the students, and acknowledging the different issues that affect children of different ages. There will be an element of physical activity to lessons, but it will be mostly classroom based. 

Mental Health Matters, especially at a young age. 

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